Since a young age I’ve always been interested in property development, I know it all stems from my Dad’s DIY skills. As I grew up I realised there was nothing my Dad couldn’t fix around the house. Be it a sprung leak, decorating or carpentry, he is a man of all trades and it taught me that with hard work and knowledge, any problem in a house could be solved!

Fast forward a few years and now at the age of 24 I have realised this is what I want to do! I am not naive in the extent of finances needed for property development, but I have realised I need to start at the very beginning.


Mike Lister, my Dad’s cousin, has been in property development for over 20 years, running the company Lister Properties, who will stop at no end to stand by his slogan, which is to “Let with style!” I have little experience in this field, apart from a few hours here and there on Bottle Cottages, so I realised I had to start from the bottom. So on the 23rd of January Mike got the keys to 335 Northfield Road and we started emptying it out.

This blog takes the property from the day the front door was taken off to the day the keys were handed to the tenant, enjoy….